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  • Indiana bill passes House and Senate, awaits Governor's signature

    A legislative compromise in Indiana passed the House on Monday and the Senate on Tuesday and now heads to the Governor for final approval and signature. The Senate approved the legislation only after the group of 9 wineries that sued the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission agreed to drop their lawsuit.

    Although it is fantastic that another prohibited state is moving to a limited direct model and opening to direct shipments, restrictions in Indiana HB 1016 will significantly limit the flow of wine shipments into Indiana. Similar to the current legislation in Colorado, HB 1016 requires an initial onsite visit to the winery by a consumer before wine can be shipped to the consumer directly via offsite sales. Colorado will likely remove this previous visit requirement when new legislation is finalized.

    Other restrictions in the new legislation include a $100 permit requirement, a 3,000 case per year aggregate volume limit, and a two case per month volume limit per customer.

    Read more here and here.

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