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Update on Idaho Direct Shipper’s Permit Application process

Wineries can begin applying for Idaho direct shipping permits. Wineries must complete the Idaho Business Registration Form and the Idaho Beer and Wine Tax Application (BWA). Both forms should be submitted to the Idaho Tax Commission with a $1000 Bond, a Certified Copy of the Winery’s License (In California it is the Type 02 License) and a check for $50. Idaho does not have a current bond application available at this time, and is therefore accepting any generic bond application. Also a winery may submit a copy of their state winery license with a signed and notarized statement that it is an unaltered copy of the original, in lieu of a certified copy. The Idaho Tax Commission will forward all of the documents to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division and the ABC will then issue the direct shipper’s permit. There are monthly reporting requirements.

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