Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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    Prorated fees in Honolulu

    February 12th, 2007
    By Annie Bones, State Relations - Wine Institute

    Most of our readers know that Hawaii started enforcing its direct wine shipment permit law on January 1, 2007 and moved into the “blue” category on the state-by-state direct shipping map. There are 4 counties in Hawaii and each county requires wineries to complete its own permit application and pay a fee. The annual permit fee for the counties of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui are $48. The annual permit fee for the County of Honolulu is $120.00. Now for the good news – The annual permit fee of $120.00 is prorated ($10.00 per month); for example, wineries applying for a permit in March 2007 will only pay $90.00. Thus far, the Honolulu County direct shipper’s permit is the only permit with a prorated fee.

    2 Responses to “Prorated fees in Honolulu”

    1. Jerry Walters says:

      Kauai also has a prorated license fee of $4.00 per month.

    2. michael haas says:

      I have contacted each of the departments of liquor control in the other three counties about proration of the application fee. Each has confirmed that they prorate. The license application forms for Kauai and Hawaii provide, in the lower section of the form, “. . . fee shall be prorated.” For Maui, kayle Matsushima will confirm that they prorate. In fact, I had to send her a replacement check for $44 for an application she received on February 1, 2007.

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