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Oregon to end reciprocity – permitted retailers and wineries can ship on January 1st

After January 1st, there may be only two reciprocal states left. Oregon HB 2171 was signed by the governor on July 31st and is now enrolled. As mentioned in a previous post, Oregon is all set up to become a limited/direct permit state for direct to consumer shipping. Previously a reciprocal state, only wineries from other reciprocal states could ship wines to their Oregonian clients’ doors. Now wineries and retailers alike will be able to do so with, of course, some of the usual restrictions; a $50 direct shipping permit is required, all taxes are to be paid by the winery or retailer, and each holder of the direct shipper’s license may ship up to two cases per month per individual. These easy-going restrictions are pretty refreshing after the morass that some states are creating for those of us that just want to buy some wine.

Oregon was one of the few remaining states with reciprocal direct-shipping language. If Illinois HB 429 is signed by the governor, this will mean that there will only be three remaining states left with the “reciprocal” status. Sooner or later, Iowa, New Mexico, and Wisconsin also will become compliant with the Granholm ruling. Legislation is currently under construction in Wisconsin and is threatening to hinder consumer choice, so let’s cross our fingers and hope that all the remaining reciprocal states decide to follow in Oregon’s footsteps.

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  1. Missouri and California both remain “reciprocal” states as far as retailer-to-consumer sales are concerned.

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