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Ohio Direct Shipping Permits Available for Wineries Producing Under 150,000 Gallons Annually

As of October 1, 2007 only wineries producing up to 150,000 gallons annually with an approved S Permit issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control and registered with the Ohio Department of Taxation may ship to Ohio consumers. Wineries producing 150,000 gallons or more annually are prohibited from shipping both on-site and off-site sales to Ohio consumers as of October 1, 2007. The application fee for the S Permit is $25.00 annually. Under the new law an Ohio family household may receive an aggregate total of 24 cases of wine annually.

Wineries applying for the S permit must pay a $25.00 fee and have the application notarized. The permit must be renewed by each year by October 1st. It is expected to take 3-4 weeks for the applications to be processed. Next are some tips to help you complete the permit application. Type of Applicant is determined by whether or not the winery has a relationship with an Ohio distributor. If the winery applying for a permit has a distributor in Ohio “out-of-state supplier” should be selected as type of applicant. Wineries that do not have a relationship with a distributor should select “unregistered in Ohio out of state wine manufacturer.” The first question on the application references a tax credit under 27 D.F.R. 24.278. This refers to a section of the “small producer’s tax credit” that all wineries producing less than 150,000 gallons annually are entitled to under federal law.

The Division of Liquor Control will notify the Department of Taxation, Excise Tax Division that you have applied for the S permit. Excise tax forms and instructions should arrive via U.S. Mail approximately 30 days after you have submitted your S permit application. Excise taxes are scheduled to be paid quarterly. Direct Shippers must register with the Ohio Department of Taxation, Sales & Use Tax Division. Registering your business by telephone is recommended. Call 1-888-405-4089 and press #1 after the message. There is also the option of registering with the Department of Taxation by submitting Form UT-1000. State and county sales tax must be paid. The state sales tax is 5.5% and the county tax ranges from.25%-1.5%.

S Permit holders are required to report annually to the Division of Liquor Control. The annual report must include a copy of each wine shipment invoice and a record of the name, address and quantity of wine purchased by each consumer. The reporting form is not yet available. It is likely that the annual reporting due date will coincide with the S permit renewal date of October 1. For more information visit the Wine Institute website.

Link to Form UT-1000
Link to S Permit Application
Small producers tax credit

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