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  • Seeing Double: Ship Your West Virginia Report Twice

    We’ve received many questions about what West Virginia requires as far as reporting is concerned, so we contacted the ABCA to clear all confusion of the matter. On the West Virginia Direct Shipper’s Report it says, “Prepare this report in duplicate, mail the original and payment of taxes to the WV State Tax Department… and a copy to Alcohol Beverage Control Administration…” We found that, statutorily, the Direct Shipper also needs to submit invoices along with the report to both West Virginia entities, even though it is not explicitly stated on the report. Additionally, the copy that needs to be sent to the ABCA should include A) a copy of the return B) a copy of the invoices; and C) a copy of payment to the Tax Department (to submit a copy of payment, just photocopy the check that you send to the Tax Department before you send it out). These requirements can be time consuming and require a lot of paper, but are necessary to comply with the ABCA’s regulations.


    1. Is there anything that the Wine Institute is doing to suggest to some of these states, like West Virginia, a more environmentally friendly way of reporting? We know that some of this laws that prevent direct shipping are antiquated, but their reporting requirements, for the most part, are tied up in the same outdated, bureaucratic mind set. Two sets of invoices, how wasteful.

    2. Cathleen, I agree. Especially for an organization as big as Constellation, the amount of paper required for reports, invoices, and schedules is unbelievable. I wish more states would follow North Dakota’s model of mandatory electronic filing. It really makes life easier not only for you, but also for the states.

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