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  • Arizona Confirms a Minor Change to its Direct-To-Consumer Law

    The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses & Control has confirmed a minor change to its direct-to-consumer wine shipping regulations, effective immediately. Under the original interpretation of the direct shipping law Arizona residents could not receive direct-to-consumer wine shipments unless they purchased the wine on-site, and shipments did not exceed 2 cases per consumer per year.

    The new interpretation of the law allows wineries to ship to Arizona consumers, as long as the consumer has physically visited the winery at anytime during the calendar year prior to placing the order. Now Arizona consumers who have visited the winery may place off-site orders and have multiple shipments of wine sent to them so long as the combined shipment (throughout the calendar year) does not exceed the 2 case limit. If Arizona consumers wish to have additional wine shipped to themselves in subsequent years, they will need to physically visit the winery each and every year. There continues to be no reporting, tax or permit requirements under the “on-site shipping law”.

    Please visit the Wine Institute website for additional information about shipping to Arizona s or contact Annie Bones, State Relations Coordinator, Wine Institute, at 415-356-7530 or abones@wineinstitute.org.

    *The rules and requirements for wineries producing up to 20,000 gallons of wine in a calendar year with an approved direct-to-consumer permit/ self-distribution license are not affected by this change.

    Annie Bones, State Relations – Wine Institute

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