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Georgia – Amended Wine Special Order Applications Available

The amended Georgia Special Order Shipping License application is now available on the Wine Institute and Georgia Department of Revenue websites. Wineries will be required to have an approved Wine Special Order Shipping License and comply with new direct-to-consumer shipping regulations beginning July 1, 2008. The new law increases the quantity limit to 12 cases per person per calendar year per winery and allows GA consumers to join wine clubs. The old rule allowing the shipping of on-site sales without a license and prohibiting wineries with distributor relationships in GA from receiving a wine shipping license for off-sale shipments is repealed as of July 1, 2008.

The amended application has a license fee of $50 and must be submitted with a completed sales tax registration application and brands registration form. Direct shippers will be required to pay state and local sales tax, pay excise tax and file reports. In addition, direct shippers must obtain a copy of the consumer’s government issued id or use an online age verification service at the time of purchase. Applicants will be mailed their wine special order shipping licenses along with reporting forms and instructions for paying taxes. Wineries currently holding special order licenses issued prior to July 1, 2008 do not have to complete the amended application and should expect to receive reporting forms and tax payment information in the mail. Should you have any questions please contact Annie Bones in the State Relations Department at 415-356-7530 or abones@wineinstitute.org.

Following is the list of required forms. Click here for a printable checklist.

  • Notice: To Wineries with Valid Federal Basic Manufacturing Permits
  • Form CRF–002 State Sales Tax Registration Application
  • Form CRF–004 Additional Ownership/Relationship Application (If Applicable)
  • Form ATT-6 State Alcohol License Application (“Winery Special Order Shipping”)
  • Form ATT-104 Brands/Brand Labels Registration Application
  • Form ATT–17 State Beverage Alcohol Personnel Statement
  • Form RD-1061 Power of Attorney (If Applicable)

Annie Bones, State Relations – Wine Institute


  1. Will Georgia be collecting sales tax on shipping charges as well as wine?

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