Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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South Carolina: Timing is Everything

June 30th, 2008
By Ashley Campbell - ShipCompliant Research Team

Expensive permit fees deter many wineries from shipping to South Carolina, but with a little timing, shipping there can make more sense.

For those who already have a South Carolina Out-of-State Wine Shipper’s License, the license must be renewed at the end of August if you wish to continue shipping to the state. The license fee is a costly $600 every even year and is not pro-rated for applications after the start of the fee period. The next fee period begins August 31, 2008, after which the direct shipping license will be valid and no fees owed through August 2010. Therefore, for those wineries that would like to begin shipping to South Carolina should take note of the fee period timing because the license, if applied for now, would be $600 for two months.

Unfortunately, there are a few more costs associated with direct shipments to South Carolina. In order to apply for an Out-of-State Wine Shipper’s License, applicants must first complete the Business Tax Application form SCTC-111 ($50 fee) and the Certificate of Registration form ABL-500 ($400 biennial fee). The completed Certificate of Registration form must be attached to and sent in with the Out-of-State Wine Shipper’s License Application form ABL-571 ($600 biennial fee). Contact Joyce at the South Carolina Department of Revenue with any questions at 803-898-5864.

2 Responses to “South Carolina: Timing is Everything”

  1. Michael Haas says:

    Form ABL-500 ($400 biennial fee) is not part of the licensing for shipping wine to consumers. That form is intended for wineries (and others) to gain authorization to ship wine to SC distributors. Thus it adds nothing to the cost of licensing for the wine shipper license in SC.

  2. Michael, thanks for the comment. We struck the ABL-500 text from the post. It is not required when completing the direct wine shipping application.

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