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Beat the Heat. Free temperature forecasting tool for wine shippers

Temperature Shipping Map During the hot summer months, wine shipping practically grinds to a halt due to high temperatures and an inability to navigate the whims of mother nature.

To address this problem, ShipCompliant has developed an innovative free temperature forecasting tool that filters your order files by temperature within the destination zip code. Up until this point, wine shippers were forced to spend hours manually researching shipping conditions, or to simply shut entire states down for months at a time.

The tool is a cinch to use. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on Free Tools
  2. Choose your temperature threshold: The temperature above which you do not feel comfortable shipping your wine
  3. Select an excel or CSV file containing wine shipments
  4. Tell us which column contains the destination zip code
  5. Download the list of orders whose destinations are under the temperature threshold
  6. OR download the list of all orders with corresponding temperature forecasts for the next 5 days

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new addition to the ShipCompliant tool set. Please let us know how best to improve it. Now give it a try!

Click here to try out the ShipCompliant Temperature Tool


  1. Good product. I’ve urged winemakers for years to check the weather before sending off their wines. I’m told by my UPS and FedEx drivers that the temperature in the back of those trucks can exceed 130 degrees on a hot summer day.

  2. You are correct, wine is most vulnerable, and most affected by the heat in the delivery vehicles.

    The trucks are lit by sunlight; both UPS and FedEx trucks have a translucent roof and that quality turns the vehicles into rolling greenhouses.

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