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    The Lone Star State: To File Monthly or Quarterly, that is the Question

    As was reported earlier this week, the Texas C-240 Direct Shipper’s Report will change from a monthly to a quarterly return for orders shipped after September 1st. However, we’ve received a number of questions about how to report shipments for the month of August.

    August is the last month that will require a monthly return, which will report shipments to Texas consumers only for the month of August. This report is due September 15th, and should include tracking numbers for each shipment. The newly updated quarterly frequency will commence on September 1, 2008, including orders shipped from September through November, and is due December 15th. Also, please note that the new quarterly frequency is based on Texas’ fiscal year (beginning September 1st), not on the familiar calendar year (beginning January 1st), therefore the quarterly reports will be due on the following schedule: December 15th, 2008; March 15th, 2009; June 15th, 2009; etc.

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