Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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DHL to Cease Wine Shipments Nov 3rd

October 6th, 2008
By Jason Eckenroth - CEO, ShipCompliant

Steve Bachmann at The Wine Collector is reporting that DHL has notified its customers that it will cease wine shipments effective November 3rd. DHL has struggled to gain a foothold in the interstate wine shipping market, where FedEx and UPS dominate.

If you have received the notification letter from DHL, we’d love to see a copy of it. You can always reach our blog authors and editors at blog@shipcompliant.com.

UPDATE: We received a copy of the letter that DHL sent out to their customers. See the letter below.

One Response to “DHL to Cease Wine Shipments Nov 3rd”

  1. Jack Millabrook says:

    DHL should be ashamed of themselves for prohibiting this. DHL was a great choice for wineries. Now that leaves just UPS and Fedex as the only choices. These 2 companies control what states they want to do business in. MA is a legal state for small wineries, but yet UPS and Fedex wont deliver. Its not good to have only 2 players in a industry. The US postal service needs to step up to the plate and carry alcohol. Enough is enough already! But wait, the owner is the government, I guess that wont happen with that red tape!

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