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  • DHL to Cease Wine Shipments Nov 3rd

    Steve Bachmann at The Wine Collector is reporting that DHL has notified its customers that it will cease wine shipments effective November 3rd. DHL has struggled to gain a foothold in the interstate wine shipping market, where FedEx and UPS dominate.

    If you have received the notification letter from DHL, we’d love to see a copy of it. You can always reach our blog authors and editors at

    UPDATE: We received a copy of the letter that DHL sent out to their customers. See the letter below.

    1 Comment

    1. DHL should be ashamed of themselves for prohibiting this. DHL was a great choice for wineries. Now that leaves just UPS and Fedex as the only choices. These 2 companies control what states they want to do business in. MA is a legal state for small wineries, but yet UPS and Fedex wont deliver. Its not good to have only 2 players in a industry. The US postal service needs to step up to the plate and carry alcohol. Enough is enough already! But wait, the owner is the government, I guess that wont happen with that red tape!

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