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Mark Your Calendar Because Idaho Won't: Direct Shipper Permit Renewal

This is a reminder that Idaho Direct Shipping Permit holders must submit a renewal form before the expiration date of their current permit (Direct Shipping Permits expire a year after the date of issue). Idaho does not send out renewal notices, thus it is the responsibility of the permit holder to obtain and submit the renewal form. You can find the form on the main page of the Idaho Alcohol Beverage Control under the name “Idaho Direct Shipper Renewal Form.” A $25 renewal fee and, if you are an out-of-state direct shipper, a certified copy of your state winery license must be submitted with the form. Also, a contact person’s e-mail address is required to complete the renewal application.

There is good news regarding Idaho’s bond requirement for some direct shippers. Direct shippers may request to have their bond requirement removed after one year. However, in order to qualify, the direct shipper must have an impeccable record of compliance and submit a letter of request to the Idaho Tax Commission.


  1. Yes, this is correct as of today. Beginning July 2009, renewal notices will be mailed to the current address on file.

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