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Tennessee Direct Shipping Applications Available – What You Need to Know

Tennessee direct shipping license applications are now available. While Tennessee officially became a Limited state on July 1, wineries cannot legally ship to this state until their direct shipping license has been approved.

The application states that direct shippers may only ship to wet areas within the state; a condition that may make the state slightly less available than initially anticipated. This requirement is different than those of other states such as Florida, New Hampshire and New York, where clearly defined dry areas are prohibited from shipping. Major cities such as Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga are all considered wet areas that are open for shipping.

Tennessee direct shipping license applications are available by directly contacting the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission at (615) 741-1602. The license requirements and application can also be viewed online. Wineries that prefer a full concierge service for obtaining their license can order online through easywinelicensing.com.

To obtain a direct shipping license, wineries must first register with the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Once this step is complete, wineries pursuing a direct shipping license must submit the following to the State of Tennessee ABC:

  • License application (available from state)
  • $450 fee ($300 one-time application fee + $150 licensee fee, payable upon approval of application)
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration for Sales & Use Tax
  • Copies of all contracts with common carriers that will ship wine to Tennessee residents
  • Copy of the applicant’s organizational document (e.g. corporate charter or articles of organization)
  • A copy of applicant’s Federal Basic Permit

Tennessee direct shipping licenses expire December 31 of every year, and renewal applications must be postmarked by January 9 of the following year to avoid a $250 citation.

Licensed wineries can ship a maximum of one case per month and up to three cases annually to Tennessee residents. Retailers are still prohibited from direct shipping to Tennessee.

TN Cities With Liquor Store and Counties


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