Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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    Set Your Sights on the Hawkeye State: Get Started by Applying for a Direct Shipping License in Iowa

    June 14th, 2010
    By Mackenzie Latham, ShipCompliant Services


    The direct shipping applications for Iowa are now available. As of July 1, 2010 Iowa will require wineries to obtain a direct shipping license to ship wine directly to consumers. Previously a reciprocal state, Iowa’s borders will soon be open to all wineries across the country who obtain a permit, regardless of reciprocity status with the state. Additionally, there are no restrictive requirements on the winery (such as a volume production cap), making Iowa’s market accessible to all permitted wineries.

    The permit application can only be completed online at Iowa’s elicensing website. You may view Iowa’s user guide for instructions on how to begin the licensing process. The “Wine Direct Shippers License (DS)” requires a fee of $25 and a $5,000 bond. Though the direct shipper license application is completed online, copies of state and federal winery licenses, and bond should be mailed to the Iowa Department of Commerce, Alcoholic Beverages Division. Monthly reports and excise taxes are required although they have yet to release these forms. Iowa will not require wine direct shippers to collect sales tax. Start your application process today and be one of the first to become compliant in Iowa.

    One Response to “Set Your Sights on the Hawkeye State: Get Started by Applying for a Direct Shipping License in Iowa”

    1. American says:

      let's see – $5000 bond – 5 times larger then the federal bond requirement. Let's keep smaller wineries out of Iowa!!

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