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Qualified Idaho Wine Tax Return Filers May Opt for Less Frequent Filing

On November 5, 2010, Idaho State Tax Commission officials sent out a letter to qualified wine tax return filers, offering the opportunity to change their filing frequency from the mandatory monthly submission to quarterly, semi-annually or annually. “Qualified Filers” include direct shippers who report less than $600 of wine tax per quarter (approximately 186 9-liter cases per month) and have a good filing history. Recipients of letters from the department, in order to change their filing cycle for the upcoming year, must respond to the letter by December 1, 2010. Filers should continue to submit monthly returns until after January 1, 2011 when the new filing frequencies will come into effect. The Idaho State Tax Commission encourages qualified filers to take advantage of this opportunity; submitting returns less frequently will mean filers no longer need to submit returns for negligible amounts of tax and will reduce the amount of required paperwork.

Note: ShipCompliant users will see the new frequency options available on the Report Settings page at the end of December.

Idaho Sample Letter: Highlights due dates and options for filing frequencies.

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  1. The monthly filings get old really quick, especially in smaller markets like Idaho where many of us simply don't have any (or many customers).

    Hopefully more states adopt these kind of common sense solutions, especially given the ease of administration on their end.

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