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  • Maryland Released Direct Shipping Report Form and Extends Deadline for Quarter 3, 2011

    The Maryland Comptroller’s office released its Direct Shipper Excise Tax Return form Tuesday. This is the form that licensed direct shippers submit quarterly to pay their state excise taxes and report their shipments to consumers in the state.

    IMPORTANTLY, the Comptroller’s office has pushed back the deadline for direct shippers to submit their 3rd Quarter Report to November 1. The Report had been due on October 10th. However, because the Comptroller’s Office released the new form so late, they have extended the deadline to November 1. This extension of the deadline only applies to the Quarter 3, 2011 report. All subsequent reports will be due on the 10th of the month following the period. For example, the Quarter 4, 2011 report will be due on January 10th.

    Maryland Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return

    The report can be downloaded HERE: http://compnet.comp.state.md.us/Motor_Fuel__Alcohol_and_Tobacco_Tax/Alcohol_and_Tobacco_Tax/Static_Files/Alcohol_Tax/Forms/DWS%20315.pdf

    ShipCompliant Clients: If you have subscribed to the Maryland Direct Shipping Report, the new form — all filled out and ready to print and send to the Comptroller’s office — will appear in your “Open Reports” inbox later today.

    Not a ShipCompliant Client?: If you are shipping to Maryland, let us produce this report for you at no charge to give you an idea of the simplicity and efficiency that comes with using ShipCompliant. Just send us a spreadsheet and we’ll do the rest for free..

    The state of Maryland opened to winery-to-consumer direct shipping on July 1, 2011, after a multi-year effort by the industry and consumers to change the Maryland law.


    1. Please keep in mind that sales tax is required to be remitted quarterly as well but using a different form to the sales tax division.

    2. Shipping wine across the US looks like a nightmare. Much easier here in Great Britain thankfully.

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