Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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Happy New Year

December 30th, 2011
By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

From your compliance partners in Boulder and Napa, may your new year bring you fewer forms to file and more orders to fill!

- The ShipCompliant Crew (from left to right): Timothy Clayton, Mike Liedtke, Sarah Werner, Andy Grauch, Jim Agger, Robb Dye, Eddie Ermoian, David Dango, Kent Nowlin, Chris Kalmbach, Patrick Barratt, Pawel Smolarkiewicz, Jamie Jimenez, Lisa Bookwalter, Alex Umbhau, Jeff Carroll, Betsy Hansen, Mike Taylor, Luke Eckenroth, Mark Hayes, April Capil, Colin Neilson, Barclay Bates, Mackenzie Latham, Sam Sexson, Michelle Few, Emily Sheehan, Michael Pritchard, Jason Eckenroth

The ShipCompliant Crew in Boulder, CO

2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Denny Urffer says:

    Good looking group. I love the shot with the Flat Irons in the background.

    Happy and successful New Year

  2. Lori Mueller says:

    You guys are awesome and good-looking too!

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