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Texas Eases Requirement for Direct-To-Consumer Licensing

The direct shipper permit application process has just become a little easier. The Texas Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (TABC) has determined that it is no longer necessary or appropriate to require every Out-Of-State Direct Wine Shipper permit applicant to submit a bond with its application.

As of November 15, 2012, the only direct shipper applicants required to furnish a bond with their application are those who have outstanding debts of $500 or more for a tax or fee imposed by the TABC. This change applies both to wineries looking to renew their Direct Wine Shipper permits and to new applicants. As always, wineries shipping to Texas consumers must have a valid Out-of-State Direct Wine Shipper permit and are required to pay sales and excise taxes. The total cost of a two-year direct shipping permit remains the same, at $526.00.

- Annie Bones, State Relations – Wine Institute

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