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  • Wine & Spirit Suppliers to Arkansas Must Register Products by End of Year

    With passage of HB 1480 (now titled “Act 1105“), the state of Arkansas is requiring that all wine and spirits suppliers actively distributing wine and spirits into the state must register each distributed product with the state. Wine & spirits products (beer is not required) currently in distribution must be registered by December 31 and all registration takes place on-line.

    The state fee for on-line product registration is $20/label. Suppliers can no longer send the “Manufacturer’s Request for Brand Registration or Change of Wholesaler” form in a paper format. This is now done on-line.

    How to Register Your Currently Distributed Products:

    1. Visit Arkansas’ Electronic Registrations Website
    2. Have a list of your actively distributed COLA numbers, names of your Arkansas distributors, and any brand owner authorization letters if the registrant is not the owner of the brand being registered with the state
    3. Payment is via credit card

    Through December 31, 2013, suppliers may download an excel spreadsheet of their COLAs by Federal Basic Permit Number. Labels will initially be approved directly upon completion of workflow process. The state will review incoming registration to ensure non-violation of sole source requirements and other rules and regulations.

    -All currently active products must be registered by December 31
    -Product registrations are valid through June 30, 2014
    -Label Registration status can be verified by COLA Number
    -Newly distributed products may be registered beginning January 1, 2014

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have about Arkansas product registration on this blog post and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

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