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Arkansas opens for wine shipments, but only for onsite sales going to private residences

Wineries may now apply for an Arkansas “Wine Shipping Permit”, making the state available to onsite direct wine shipments only for the first time. The application for the $25 license may only be obtained by calling the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (the ABC’s number is 501-682-1105) and requesting an application be sent to the winery applicant. Once the application for the ABC has been submitted, the applicant can begin the process of obtaining sales tax and vinous liquor excise tax licenses. The entire process could take up to three to four weeks to complete. Upon receipt of approved licenses, the winery may then begin to legally ship direct-to-consumer wine orders to Arkansas residents.

Requirements of the Licensee

  1. Licensed Wine Shippers may ship up to one case to an Arkansas resident per calendar quarter.
  2. Licensees must regularly remit excise taxes, vinous liquor excise tax (3%) and state sales tax (6.5%). Please note, if you register online to pay taxes, you will be required to file and pay online (strongly recommended). Similarly, if you register via paper application to pay taxes, you will be required to file and pay using paper forms.
  3. Arkansas is the only state that requires wineries to obtain a license to ship onsite-only orders (placed in person at the winery) unlike the other onsite-only states, open via Federal Onsite (Delaware, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and South Dakota). Internet, club and phone orders are not allowed.
  4. As noted in our previous blog post, a special shipping label must be on every shipment; however, the alcohol-specific shipping labels provided by UPS and FedEx will satisfy this requirement.
  5. Wineries may only ship to residential addresses (no shipping to businesses or commercial locations), a requirement unique to the state of Arkansas.

Sample Arkansas Wine Shipping Permit and Instructions (call the state’s ABC to obtain your individual application – 501-682-1105)
Online Registration for Sales and Vinous Liquor Excise Taxes (click on “New Business Registration”; online registration is recommended)
Further instruction on how to register for a Sales Tax Permit
Act 483, To Permit the Direct Shipment of Vinous Liquor from a Winery to Arkansas Residents

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