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  • Study on Efforts to Prevent Marketing to Minors Gives Alcohol Industry High Marks

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released their fourth study on efforts to prevent marketing to minors, and the results are positive. The study shows the self-policing efforts by members of the wine, beer, and spirits industries continue to demonstrate responsible advertising. The 2014 FTC Study found a more than 93% compliance rate with industry guidelines for advertising placement, a 1% increase from the 2008 Study. The other three studies were conducted in 1999, 2003, and 2008.

    The most notable difference of the latest study from past studies is the considerable increase in information gathered on digital and online marketing efforts and expenditures. Online social media usage, a new and common platform for information distribution, adds data that keeps the study contemporary with today’s current marketing field. The study focuses on:

    • Advertising placements
    • Online and other digital marketing
    • Product placement in entertainment media
    • External reviews of complaints regarding code compliance
    • Alcohol marketing expenditures

    The FTC study delivered a number of conclusions for alcohol marketers to keep in mind:

    • Adherence to Industry marketing codes are encouraged
    • Advocated use of “age-gating” technology (requiring the user/consumer to enter a birth date, rather than simply acknowledging they are over 21 before entering a producer’s website or social media site.
    • Producers should be pro-active in removing code violations that are user-generated on producer websites or social media sites.
    • Participation in industries’ external compliant review systems is necessary to continue to improve voluntary advertising and marketing standards

    A summary of the 2014 FTC study can be read in this press release, or in full here. You may also review the respective codes of advertising and marketing developed by each of the following industries, as well as the previous three studies:

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