Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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Posts from the CARE Act Category

The Commerce Clause, the CARE Act, and Clarity

By Karin Moore, V.P. & Co-General Counsel, WSWA

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post, written by Karin Moore of WSWA, in our series on the CARE Act of 2011. The intersection between the Commerce Clause and the 21st Amendment is about as clear as mud. The lack of clarity is a reason legal scholars and others find it fascinating–that and because [...]

April 6th, 2011

Introduction to CARE Act Series

By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

HR 1161 (The Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act)—formerly known as HR 5034, is one of the most important pieces of alcohol-related legislation introduced into Congress in many years…as well as one of the most divisive. If passed, the bill would provide the states with greater authority, granted directly by Congress, to regulate the sale and [...]

April 5th, 2011