Take Control of your Fulfillment Processes

Making sure orders are up-to-date and within the boundaries of each state’s regulations can be a stressful and time consuming process every month. If you’re frustrated in any way with your current fulfillment processes, I highly recommend you take a look at ShipCompliant’s Fulfillment Management tools. We make it really easy to batch your club and daily shipments, print packing lists, check the temperature forecast for your packages, synchronize inventory levels, print shipping labels, and track packages, all while making sure that you stay in compliance with the laws, regulations, and reporting requirements of each state.

Fulfillment and compliance are highly dependent on each other. Some states require tracking numbers, carrier codes, and the name and license of the third party logistics (3PL) provider to be reported along with order data, which means your compliance department needs to know what orders have actually shipped, by who, and when.  ShipCompliant Fulfillment Management seamlessly sends your orders to any of our 20+ compatible and integrated 3PL partners or to your in-house fulfillment team for processing. Once processed, tracking numbers are added to your account to automatically and accurately update the actual date of shipment and shipment status directly from the carrier so that orders can be accurately reported to state agencies.

That’s not all. Since orders are immediately visible at your specified fulfillment location through ShipCompliant’s Fulfillment Management page, any issues with an order — such as insufficient inventory or unsafe shipping temperatures — can be flagged by your fulfillment location or shipping department for you to view in real time and work together to resolve.

Once orders are shipped and tracking numbers are added into ShipCompliant, they are immediately available and ready to go to work! ShipCompliant’s real time integrations with the UPS, FedEx and GSO tracking services alert you of any issues marked by the carrier, such as failed delivery attempts, undeliverable packages, and much more, so you can prevent spoilage, returns, and be proactive with your customers. There are also valuable Analytics reports available to analyze your delivery metrics, unshipped orders, and delivery attempts, to name a few.

Lastly, there is no need to manually update order information in your eCommerce, wine club management, point of sale, accounting, or third party systems. Certified and integrated systems will synchronize the most up-to-date order data from ShipCompliant, and in turn, have all information effortlessly updated for consistency across all systems.

Ready to get started? ShipCompliant clients have these powerful tools available within the Fulfillment Management page in their account already. If you have any questions or would like to receive a customized training session with our Client Service team, please contact us.

Don’t Delay – Renew your Arkansas Products by June 30th

Arkansas, the latest state to adopt wholesale label registration practices, has begun their first renewal period. The state recently sent out an email communication to all licensees with previously registered labels. Just in case you missed the email, here’s what you need to know:

  • The renewal period will run from June 1st through June 30th, and requires that all wine and spirit labels registered prior to March 1st be renewed. Labels registered after March 1st will be valid through the end of next year’s renewal period (through June 30th, 2015).
  • Renewals should take only a few minutes. The renewal fee is $20 per label.
  • Renewals must be performed electronically and can be completed in bulk here: ar.productregistrationonline.com/renewalslogin.
  • New labels (not renewals) in Arkansas can also be performed with a ShipCompliant login. If you don’t have a ShipCompliant login, set up an account with ProductRegistrationOnline here: productregistrationonline.com
  • Arkansas Supplier Permits must be renewed prior to June 30, 2014. If you currently hold a Supplier Permit, you should have received a renewal notice.

Accelerating the Demise of Paper

In calendar year 2013, ShipCompliant generated over 200,000 reports (sales and use tax, excise tax, direct shipping reports, wholesale gallonage reports, markup tax reports) for our clients. These reports generated over 700,000 pages of paper that were printed and mailed across the country (with paper checks as well) to the various state agencies. On top of that, suppliers generated over 100,000 pages of paper from product registration packets. In 2014 we’re likely to exceed 1 million pages of paper generated by the software.

We introduced Product Registration Online (PRO) three years ago to create public-private partnerships with state agencies for electronic submission and review of registrations for alcohol beverage products. PRO is in place in 10 states right now, with many more on the way, and it’s changing the way that suppliers bring products to market. It’s also eliminating incredible amounts of paper, postage, and headaches.

Not only are paper mailings extremely wasteful, but they’re also inefficient, slow, and not visible, both for the suppliers and the state agencies. One state agency told us that it costs them $35 on average to process each paper check that comes in! Further, a compliance consultant that I spoke with recently said that nine out of ten “notices” that they get from the state agencies are disputes about when and whether the report and check were actually mailed and received. Countless hours of back and forth are spent just trying to prove whether the mailings went out on time. The only way that suppliers know that the state received the report successfully is by monitoring that the checks actually got cashed, a process that can often take several months.

We’re on a mission to eliminate paper from this industry.

Just last month, we introduced AutoFile, a capability that allows suppliers to put their reports on cruise control. We keep track of whether you’re filing monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually with each agency, and make sure your reports get filed on time and accurately, every time. Everything is fully visible and accessible electronically any time you need it, and fully reconciled with your accounting system. We’re creating integrations with 25 different agencies right now to establish automated connections for report remittance. AutoFile will change the way we think about reporting. No longer a task, it just happens.

PS – If you’re a state agency that is looking to automate your paper processes and want to learn more about PRO or AutoFile, please contact us.

Your Secret Weapon: ShipCompliant Analytics

Have you ever wanted to easily find meaning in your ShipCompliant data or wondered what your most popular varietal or product is in a particular state? Or perhaps you’ve wondered which orders are unshipped, or even which licenses are expiring without manually sifting through spreadsheets or order data? ShipCompliant Analytics serves up data from your account in easy-to-read, exportable reports so you can quickly locate and review the information you need.

Now is a great time to reflect on how your business fared in Q1. Check out the Compliance, Fulfillment, and Sales and Marketing Analysis in the Analytics tab of your account to see where you stand, find trends, or even change the course of your business for Q2 and beyond. Below is a list of popular reports by section that are currently available to ShipCompliant clients.


  • Expiring License Analysis – A list of expiring and coming due licenses by state and type.
  • Non-Compliant Order Analysis – See all non-compliant orders during a specific time period.
  • Open Tax Liability by State – For each month in a given year, see open tax liability by state.
  • Required Label Registrations – View any labels that require direct-to-consumer registrations.
  • Taxes Paid by State – View the breakdown of sales and excise taxes paid to each state.


  • Delivery Attempts and Exceptions – Analyze carrier (FedEx, UPS, GSO) scans from the last 30 days.
  • Unshipped Order Analysis – View all orders with a recent requested ship date that have not yet been shipped.
  • Products by Fulfillment Location – View products shipped by each fulfillment location.

Sales and Marketing Analysis

  • All Sales by State – See all sales by destination state. Great for comparing pickup, direct shipped and wholesale sales.
  • Top Selling Products by State – For each ship-to state, see the top selling products, including varietal.
  • Direct Sales by Partner – View sales by OMS partner.
  • Cases Sold per State vs. Baseline – View your direct to consumer sales by state compared to the aggregate baseline.

Once you locate the report you’re interested in, export it in the file format of your choice for further analysis. If you can’t find the report you’re looking for, just suggest a report on our Analytics page or in our Ideas Forum.

Happy Analyzing!

Product Registrations Online: Out with the Old, In with the New

In the increasingly fast pace of wine, malt and spirit law and compliance, more and more states are recognizing the importance of doing more with less, optimizing processes, and going green. Over the last two years alone, seven states have begun using PRO (Product Registration Online) to accept online label registrations from licensees. For labels registered through PRO in these states, we’ve seen registration time-to-approval drop from weeks or even months to days, and in some cases just a matter of hours! It’s not surprising that states and licensees alike are swapping out traditional registration forms sent via snail mail for electronic registrations transmitted instantaneously and approved in short order.

Since it’s beginning in 2012, PRO has improved the registration process by making label registration move quickly and easily for licensees and state administrators alike. We’ve worked with licensees – covering over 4,000 wholesale brands – to learn what we can do to make registrations less frustrating and time consuming. We also learned about what users can do to make registrations accurate 100% of the time to ensure minimal delays or rejections.

How can I get started?

Need to register labels in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, South Dakota, or Washington?  Getting started is easy. ShipCompliant users have PRO already integrated into their accounts, and are utilizing end to end workflows including TTB COLA submission and state subsequently automated registrations to multiple states. Outside of a ShipCompliant account, PRO is available by visiting www.productregistrationonline.com.

Where will I be able to register electronically next?

Well, we can’t spill the beans on this yet, but we’re working with quite a few states that have gotten feedback from you, raving about PRO in the existing states. We’re looking to have a new PRO state (or two) in the next couple months. (Hint) one sported a boxing legend and the other produced two brothers with one of America’s finest inventions.  Okay, maybe you can guess the states… In the world of compliance, who needs more time-consuming and tedious forms to fill? Questions? Have a state you’d like to see adopt PRO? Contact us.

Introducing AutoFile – Fully Automated Filing & Payments

To our valued customers:
The US beverage alcohol industry has it tough. It is one of the most regulated industries in the United States, as well as one of the most fragmented. Our industry is full of thousands of small businesses and startups; Entrepreneurs following their passion and seeking to achieve their dream of building a business as a winery, brewery, distillery or importer.

Easy to use dashboardToday, I’m proud to announce a major milestone in our effort to eliminate the complexity and cost of compliance for beverage alcohol companies: AutoFile – The first fully automated filing and payment solution for regulatory reporting.

No longer will you have to print paper, cut checks, or log into online filing systems. All of your state sales tax, excise tax, direct shipping and wholesale gallonage reports are automatically filed through AutoFile, complete with payment.

AutoFile has many benefits over reporting by hand, or outsourcing:
Simple funding: State payments are made out of an account of your choosing. No painful escrow accounts to manage, or reconciliation to deal with. It’s all under your own accounts!
Total control: Anytime, anywhere, view your compliance activity, place filings on hold, review past activity. Just like online banking you can view everything submitted on your behalf, in real time.
Future proof: If a state regulatory system changes its forms, procedures or methods, rest easy, it’s our problem now, not yours.
Guaranteed: All regulatory filings will be sent on time and accurately, guaranteed.

I encourage you to try it today, using our special free trial offer:

Your first month of reporting is on us, plus we’ll waive your setup fees.
Customers: Click here to start your free trial!
Non-customers: Choose an edition of ShipCompliant right for you.

We are grateful to our many clients that assisted in creating a solution that will help our industry grow further and faster.

-ShipCompliant Team