Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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Posts from the Reporting Category

Is the Marketplace Fairness Act Fair for Wineries?

By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

In short, yes, for a couple of reasons: 1. Wineries already pay sales tax in most states 2. The vast majority of wineries will likely be exempt from the law So what is it, exactly? Senate Bill S. 743, more commonly known as the “Marketplace Fairness Act“, is a pretty simple bill that would give [...]

May 7th, 2013

Maryland Direct Shippers Should Still File Sales Tax Quarterly

By Terri Cofer Beirne, Eastern Counsel, Wine Institute

Maryland may still be working out some kinks in the sales tax collection component of their direct wine shippers program. Some wineries may have incorrectly received a notice that their sales tax payments should be made monthly rather than making the quarterly payments required under the DTC shipping law. It seems that some vendors are [...]

March 7th, 2013

Save the Peach Trees! Alcohol Tax Filing Goes Online in Georgia

By Jessamyn Boltz - ShipCompliant Research Team

Alcohol Tax Filers who pay Georgia Excise Tax or related Georgia license fees will be required to file and renew online beginning September 2012 through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC). The Georgia Department of Revenue (GDOR) has sent out a notice stating that businesses can begin managing their alcohol tax account with the GTC and [...]

August 23rd, 2012

Washington State Simplifies Tax Filing For Wineries

By Sarah Fine - ShipCompliant Research Team

Washington now allows an optional annual filing of wine tax for wineries whose total sales into Washington are less than 6,000 gallons annually (roughly 2,500 cases). Wineries that exceed the 6,000 gallon limit, however, must continue to file monthly returns. This new allowance comes after the passage of SB 5259, a bill that passed in [...]

July 19th, 2012

Out-of-State Shippers in Texas Get a Break on Excise Taxes – Until Now

By Sarah Fine - ShipCompliant Research Team

Texas recently sent an updated Direct Shipper’s Report (form C-240) along with a letter to Out-of-State Winery Direct Shippers, alerting the licensees of a change in the tax rate to be paid on wine sent to Texas residents from out-of-state. Until now, Texas has only required out-of-state direct shippers to pay $0.204 per gallon on [...]

January 26th, 2012