Untangling the complex world of wine direct shipping and compliance
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    Posts from the Hawaii Category

    Free the Grapes! Legislation and Litigation Update

    By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

    From Jeremy Benson at Free the Grapes! : Free the Grapes! Media Update August 2007 Now that we’re at the end of most state legislative sessions, we thought it timely to provide an update on direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine direct shipping as of month-end July 2007. Here are some highlights, followed by a more detailed description. [...]

    August 8th, 2007

    Free The Grapes! legislative update

    By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

    Free the Grapes! recently provided an update on direct to consumer shipping legislation and litigation for 2007. As you can see below, many changes are likely to come this year. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Wine Institute provided the following summary of direct shipping legislation around the country. Alaska –House Bill 34 (Ledoux) would specifically allow in-state wineries [...]

    March 19th, 2007

    Prorated fees in Honolulu

    By Annie Bones, State Relations - Wine Institute

    Most of our readers know that Hawaii started enforcing its direct wine shipment permit law on January 1, 2007 and moved into the “blue” category on the state-by-state direct shipping map. There are 4 counties in Hawaii and each county requires wineries to complete its own permit application and pay a fee. The annual permit [...]

    February 12th, 2007

    Tips for Completing the Hawaii Tax Applications

    By Annie Bones, State Relations - Wine Institute

    As of January 1, 2007 Hawaii is officially operating under the permit law for direct wine shipments. This means that wineries can no longer ship under the reciprocity law and must have an approved direct shipper permit for each county. However, wineries must have a General Excise Tax License (similar to sales tax) and a [...]

    January 12th, 2007

    2007 Hawaii Permits Available

    By Jeff Carroll - VP of Compliance, ShipCompliant

    Hawaii recently made available the new permit forms for shipping directly to consumers. Even though Hawaii passed a new limited-direct model that technically went into effect on July 1st, 2006, most wineries continued to ship under the previous reciprocity rules because Hawaii did not give clear guidance on how to get permits and report under [...]

    December 27th, 2006